Start growing your own

You don't need to be a pro to produce high yields at home with The Honeycomber

What is it?

A sturdy, reusable device that makes scrogging —an advanced growing technique— accessible to all, even beginners.

What is scrogging?

The bending and weaving of the leaves and branches of the plant on a screen to create an even canopy for increased yields.

Why does it increase yields?

The even canopy makes more of the plant be parallel to the lights:

Light stimulates branches to produce more grow sites (more flowers).Each flower absorbs more lightResult: higher yields

Will it suit my needs?

The Honeycomber is modular. This means you can arrange the screens into the configuration that best suits your space and number of plants.

New to growing?

With your Honeycomber purchase you are eligible to join our weekly Growing Masterclass, live with Jeff Sizemore, inventor of the Honeycomber.


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